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New Generation RF - What makes THERMASYS special?
An effective nonsurgical and noninvasive skin and body treatment
  ▪  Refers to a method of delivering core warming to deep body tissue for therapeutic purposes that effectively warm from within rather than from the outside
  ▪  Indication
            ▪  Alopecia
            ▪  Fine lines and wrinkles
            ▪  Lifting and tightening
            ▪  Body slimming
            ▪  Cellulite removal
            ▪  Back pain, muscle pain & frozen shoulder
  ▪  Compact design and simple operation
  ▪  Economical & Efficient Realization of Components
  ▪  Available to do a separate treatment of the face and body
       (300Khz - Body, 500 Khz - Face)
  ▪  Various safety apparatus
  ▪  Safe treatment without any danger of a spark

  Effect & Application
Obesity Treatement Abdomen, Leg, Thigh, Back, Bust care, Arms, Fat & Cellulite decomposition, Lymph Circulation
Face Treatment Crow's feet, Nasolabial, Acne Treatment, Facial line slimming, Lifting
Eye Treatment Eye Wrinkles, Eye Strain, Eye Bag
Muscle Treatment Pain Relief, Frozen Shoulders, Muscle Relaxation
Scalp Treatment Hair Restoration, Alopecia

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